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The 5th Special Operations Division (5th SOD) is a Federation-faction roleplay fleet. We are dedicated to creating a realistic Starfleet environment that adheres to the visions of Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek canon.

We follow Starfleet’s chain of command, with a primary focus on Federation characters. We also welcome Romulan players through the 9th Republic Talon, an officer exchange program with the Romulan Republic. Our fleet is located in previously uncharted space of Delta Quadrant on the far side of the Void, near Voyager’s original path. Our primary mission is scientific discovery and exploration.

Starbase Phoenix is our base of operations and is in geosynchronous orbit around the planet Solas Nua, in the Velis System. The fleet also operates a research outpost on the planet’s surface. A transwarp conduit connects the Velis System with the Kyana System, where 5th SOD maintains a research station. In addition to its scientific objectives, the station also serves to control traffic between explored space and Starbase Phoenix.

To apply to the 5th Special Operations Division, please fill out our application here on the website and contact a member of our leadership team.

Contact us here or in-game:
@kpts4tv | @Valery_Sida | @Garris-Fraya | @bentiller | @ExDe707
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ExDe707 added a forum thread

Darnell "Dwayne" March

Basic info:Name: DarnellMiddle Name: DwayneLast name: MarchSpecies: HumanGender: MaleAge: 38Birthday: 3rd April 2380Birthplace: Sacramento (California), EarthCareer:-Enrolled 2400-2404-Crewman: 2400-2402, Mechanic: Electronics, U.S.S. Fahrenheit, ...
T'Mara added a forum post

Cadet T'Mara's Logs

Personal logEarth date: 6/12/2417Stardate: 94928.76Basic encryptionComputer, start log.I left the colony when it still bore but a simple numeric designation. Upon my return, I discovered that not only the colony had finally gotten a name but the s...
Su'mil added a forum thread

Personal log, Captain Su'mil Vos'tok

Stardate 95299.75Computer, begin recording...[color=#ffcc33]It is difficult...coming home and feeling like a stranger. There are familiar faces, sure, and it warms my heart to see them again, but so many new's a little daunting at times...
ExDe707 added a forum post

Kias' logs

Na'taliin's quarters on Starbase Phoenix-AStardate 95297.29Personal log.The Borg threat to the fleet is no more and the fleet stood down from red alert to blue alert. I was hoping to celebrate straight away, but, Commander T'rani used Borg technol...
Su'mil added a forum thread

Evening roleplayers?

Hey gang.I normally get on around 8pm Central time, because of my work schedule. Who else is an evening RP'er, and would there be any interest in getting an evening rp series going?
Rorik added a forum post

Personal Log

Computer, this is recording, correct?*computer* Correct.Alright. Personal log. The current stardate is, computer?*computer* Current stardate is 95900.1459.Thanks. Well, I'm feeling better. My sight is returning, although I can't read screens yet, ...
Su'mil added a forum post

My Vengeance is underwhelming...

Thanks for the replies and the suggestions. Since the Vengence didn't really work RP wise as a ship my character would have, I decided to change over to my Manticore Heavy Destroyer. I'm trying to build it 'from scratch' so I'm open to any sugge...
ExDe707 added an event

Kias Mr'eras' Birthday

Date: May 20, 2018
Time: 11:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly until Jun 20, 2022
Category: Official Ceremony
Danur added a forum post

My Vengeance is underwhelming...

For AP I think Kias basicly has you on the right track track, Remember though your play style might not fit everything he suggested and you might need to tinker around abit.If you decide to go for a canon build that still kick butt I can defiantly...
Danur added a forum post

Yay for free time!

Hay Buddy, long time no see, welcome back