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Welcome to the 5th Special Operations Division
The 5th Special Operations Division (5th SOD) is an exploration-oriented fleet located in Kyana System of the Delta Quadrant. We operate out of Starbase Phoenix, in addition to our nearby Research Lab. We also operate a mining facility near a dilithium-righ planetoid out beyond the Zenas Expanse, where the fleet was once primarily located. This important facility is linked to our new base in the Delta via the Iconian gateway network - a nearby previously unknown gate resides next to the mine, which connects with the Jenolan Sphere. While Starbase Phoenix is the staging ground for our exploration efforts in the Delta, the mine helps serve the needs of our fleet as well as Delta Alliance Command.

As a fleet, the 5th SOD focuses on roleplay and encourages unique characters that can be developed through active storylines. We welcome both first-time and experienced roleplayers. Our set-up makes it easy for players to have characters that are:
- members of Starfleet, whether as ship captains or starbase personnel and of all career tracks
- Romulan Republic officers allied with the Federation and operating alongside Starfleet
- traders, or other civilians that would reasonably be found on a starbase

We are looking for mature players who want to roleplay in an atmosphere that is in keeping with Gene Roddenberry’s vision of Star Trek. Our fleet is organized into structured, ranked roleplay positions, to provide an immersive Star Trek experience.
Danur / Apr 03, 2016 / Special Announcement

Hallo fleet.I'm happy to annouce that we have been accepted by the IFAF group of roleplayers. This opens up cross fleet/ cross faction role play opertunities for you all. I hope you all take advantage of the extra RP, I know you all want to rp bu...

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Kye added a forum thread

Sheerillian Thyrallius Kye'raeliyith

Name: Sheerillian Thyrallius Kye'raeliyith (Most people just call her Kye, gee wonder why?)Sex: FemaleRace: Mixed?Rank: CaptainAssignment: U.S.S. H.G. Wells (NCC-92666)Ship Type/Class: Temporal Dreadnought Cruiser Background:Kye is thought to be...
Ashlyn Neige-Pierce added a forum post

Rear Admiral's Logs, Ashlyn Neige-Pierce

Rear Admiral's Log, Stardate 94347We've just completed our month-long patrol duty, on rotational route with several other starships in the southern Alsuran Sector. I'm happy to say that the majority of the time was uneventful, save for a few skirm...
Kranis Tiram added a forum thread

CotF: Tomb of the Blind

STAR TREK: CHALLENGER OF THE FRONTIERBased on “Star Trek” created by Gene RoddenberryOpening TitlesTOMB OF THE BLIND1“We have been despatched to investigate the cause of severe agricultural degradation on the planet Epsilon Basephi,something we m...
Kayd (non-rp) added a forum thread

New Member: @acwrigh5

Hi, everyone! I'm new to STO and only just hit lvl 53 on my first character. I'm not quite ready to jump into the Roleplay scene yet but did a lot of searching which lead me to your page. My application was recently accepted so just starting u...
S'Taren added a forum post

USS Trailblazer, going farther than before.

Episode 1: Where does the time go?At long last the USS Trailblazer was ready to depart on its mission, the crew all assembled save for a first and second officer which the Captain had yet to select, and after a brief ceremony to properly commemora...
Kranis Tiram added a forum post

Kranis Tiram

STAR TREK: CHALLENGER OF THE FRONTIER"Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Challenger. Its continuing mission: to investigate the great mysteries of the universe, to seek out knowledge once thought unattainable, to bold...
Datlh`LaH added a forum post

Fleet Application -@acwrigh5

Hello!So - we'd love to have you! And we have a list of weekly scheduled events around - so you can definitely know in advance what's going on. We're a bit disorganized at the moment, several leaders away on extended vacation - But I'll do my best...
S'Taren added a forum thread

Traillblazer Logs

((Note: Other Trailblazer crew can use this thread too)) Captain's Personal Log Stardate 94326.28It's a little hard to believe were this close to the beginning of the Andromeda Expedition, but still here we are five days away from the starting th...
Kranis Tiram added a forum thread

Kyzar Vehl

Name: KYZAR VEHLSex: MaleRace: AndorianRank:Assignment:Ship Type/Class:Background:Kyzar sees himself somewhat in the vein of a sheriff from ancient Earth westerns, for which he has a particular fondness. He believes wholly in the mission of Starfl...
Datlh`LaH added a forum post

Answers, Simplified.

There was something undeniably beautiful in chaos. That much was certain.Cyril looked at the board. He'd lost a pawn, a sacrifice for a greater cause. His opponent had lost quite a few pawns. Their line had been broken open, split down the middle ...