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Welcome to the 5th Special Operations Division
The 5th Special Operations Division (5th SOD) is an exploration-oriented fleet located in Kyana System of the Delta Quadrant. After the destruction of Starbase Phoenix, we operate out of our Research Lab.

We also operate a mining facility near a dilithium-rich planetoid out beyond the Zenas Expanse, where the fleet was once primarily located. Starbase Somnimum (K-13 fleet holding), our former main base, stands there as well. This important facility is linked to our new base in the Delta via the Iconian gateway network - a nearby previously unknown gate resides next to the mine, which connects with the Jenolan Sphere.

As a fleet, the 5th SOD focuses on roleplay and encourages unique characters that can be developed through active storylines. We welcome both first-time and experienced roleplayers. Our set-up makes it easy for players to have characters that are:
- members of Starfleet, whether as ship captains or starbase personnel and of all career tracks
- Romulan Republic officers allied with the Federation and operating alongside Starfleet
- traders, or other civilians that would reasonably be found on a starbase

We are looking for mature players who want to roleplay in an atmosphere that is in keeping with Gene Roddenberry’s vision of Star Trek. Our fleet is organized into structured, ranked roleplay positions, to provide an immersive Star Trek experience.
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Danur / Apr 03, 2016 / Special Announcement

Hallo fleet.I'm happy to annouce that we have been accepted by the IFAF group of roleplayers. This opens up cross fleet/ cross faction role play opertunities for you all. I hope you all take advantage of the extra RP, I know you all want to rp bu...

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Sha'tira added a forum post

Sha'tira's logs

Stardate 94632Huh. I haven't made a personal log for quite some time. Time sure flies like an arrow.But there wasn't anything particularly exciting happening on the research lab. It's so dull, the medbay is small, the quarters are cramped and ther...
T'Priel added a forum post

U.S.S. Wilde - The Vidian War (Open RP)

Lieutenant Aixa Jerok of the Romulan Republic Navy, looked intently at the monitor in front of trying to find the most optimal combat strategy to fight the Vidians.Thrown across her room were PADDs with data concerning her enemy,her almost Vulcan ...
Jenen added a forum post

Roleplaying tips in Star Trek

Hi Sha!Those are wonderful tips and information! Thank you very much for posting.By the way I just got my internet on at the new place so I'm back!
Sha'tira added a forum thread

Roleplaying tips in Star Trek

This post is not only intended for the fleet, but for the rest of people looking for RP advice that may have found this guide via Google.Disclaimer: This is NOT a replacement for the Rules and Regulations of the 5thSOD.------------------------Role...
Datlh`LaH added a forum thread

Honor the Call

Tiller stepped up to the podium. He had been called before a court of Brass to explain why he was resigning from the U,S,S, Wilde.In one corner sat Admiral Moran himself, the Trill who had requested Tiller to command the Wilde three years ago. "Ca...
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Rear Admiral's Logs, Ashlyn Neige-Pierce

We've lost so many people and here I am without internet because I'm in the middle of a move. I'm so sorry to see you go.
Ashlyn Neige-Pierce added a forum post

Rear Admiral's Logs, Ashlyn Neige-Pierce

It seems funny, the way things turn out sometimes.I originally started in the 5th as a commander, brought in to bolster security. I quickly took over as chief of security, and was assigned a ship to help secure the area. I then took on a second ro...
R'Nia added a forum post

U.S.S. Wilde - The Vidian War (Open RP)

Lieutenant R'Mwin studied the schematics from his engineering survey of the fleet. And, by the gods, the only ship that was truly prepared for the fight ahead was the Cooperative cube. Maybe the Persephone and the Hermes. But the Wilde was still l...
Datlh`LaH added a forum thread

U.S.S. Wilde - The Vidian War (Open RP)

((Continuing a key episode in the Wilde, since most people have missed it in game, we're going to try to finish it here. Please feel free to post your WIlde Character here to help progress the story))Commander Amber Breeding sat in her quarters, c...
Caladol Eban added a forum post

Caladol's Rogue Fleet Logs

Just a slight update on our progressWe now have hanger bays 1,3,4, and 5 up and runningsadly hanger 2 is still being built and should be up and running soonapart from that the mess hall and sensors array are all working and sheilds are being fitte...