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Welcome to the 5th Special Operations Division
5th Special Operations Division (5th SOD) is an exploration-oriented fleet located in unexplored space beyond the Zenas Expanse. After Starfleet discovered an Iconian gateway in this region and took note of the high density of M-class planets and interstellar phenomena, Somnium Station was built and the 5th SOD was reassigned there from their role in the now-concluded Klingon War. The 5th maintains an alliance with the Romulan Republic and has an embassy on New Romulus. The 9th Romulan Republic Talon is a small cohort of Romulan officers and ship captains that serve alongside the 5th SOD and their mission, but do not report to Starfleet.

The Iconian gateway located near Somnium was discovered in a damaged state and is inoperable most of the time - while Federation technology is not yet capable of repairing it, the gate does still come online for eighteen hours every nine days, allowing the 5th regular but limited access to Federation space. As Somnium is located 747 light years away from Earth, when the gate is closed it is out of reach of Federation space and all known species. As a result, the 5th is primarily on its own and must be self-sufficient in terms of both resources and defense.

As a fleet, 5th SOD focuses on roleplay and encourages unique characters that can be developed through active storylines. We welcome both first-time and experienced roleplayers. Our set-up makes it easy for players to have characters that are members of Starfleet, whether as ship captains or starbase personnel and of all career tracks, Romulan Republic officers, traders, or other civilians that would reasonably be found on a starbase. We are looking for mature players who want to roleplay in an atmosphere that is in keeping with Gene Roddenberry’s vision of Star Trek. Our fleet is organized into structured, ranked roleplay positions, to provide an immersive Star Trek experience.
Trent / Apr 16, 2015 / OOC News

Season 10 of Star Trek Online begins the conclusion of a conflict that has been brewing in Star Trek Online for more than five years. The newest season reintroduces the Iconians – an ancient race that has remained dormant for years waiting for the...

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Valdren added a forum post

Getting our Romulan forces back in the fight

So what do you need me to do?
Valdren added a forum post

Getting our Romulan forces back in the fight

Sounds good to me, if you need me I am here to help.
Danur added a forum post

Getting our Romulan forces back in the fight

we do. our romulan rpers have slowly disappeared. we've had some new ones but most are playing a civilian type role. If you want the commander Job I its yours, and i'll get you the approriate permissions to do the job IC and OOC.
Valdren added a forum post

Getting our Romulan forces back in the fight

I would be glad to offer my services as a Command officer of the Talon if you have need.
Danur added a forum thread

Getting our Romulan forces back in the fight

Hallo Fleet,It would be great if we could get our romulan forces back in action. aside from new romulans we will be needing a organisation structure and some command officers. Any Republic officers interested please make your selves known.Also hav...
Danur added a forum thread

Attention Romulans

Here is our Space at Somnium Starbase,use it well and personalise as you see fit with in Regulations.Tur'kanis
Danur added a forum thread

Enterprise J

Was talking about the poll.when i remembered a scene with the enterprise J in battle and a prometheus is scene out the window. The i remembered something the designers at CBS/Paramount said about Ent J. has parks the size of national parks, univer...
Danur added a forum thread

a new story

I started work on a story not to long ago. when its finished i'll post it on the forums for you all. I was going to make it interactive but in the end thought it best not to.Anyway keep an eye out for updates ect and i hope you all enjoy as you ha...
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