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The 5th Special Operations Division (5th SOD) is an exploration-oriented fleet located in Kyana System of the Delta Quadrant. After the destruction of Starbase Phoenix, we operate out of our Research Lab.

We also operate a mining facility near a dilithium-rich planetoid out beyond the Zenas Expanse, where the fleet was once primarily located. Starbase Somnimum (K-13 fleet holding), our former main base, stands there as well. This important facility is linked to our new base in the Delta via the Iconian gateway network - a nearby previously unknown gate resides next to the mine, which connects with the Jenolan Sphere.

As a fleet, the 5th SOD focuses on roleplay and encourages unique characters that can be developed through active storylines. We welcome both first-time and experienced roleplayers. Our set-up makes it easy for players to have characters that are:
- members of Starfleet, whether as ship captains or starbase personnel and of all career tracks
- Romulan Republic officers allied with the Federation and operating alongside Starfleet
- traders, or other civilians that would reasonably be found on a starbase

We are looking for mature players who want to roleplay in an atmosphere that is in keeping with Gene Roddenberry’s vision of Star Trek. Our fleet is organized into structured, ranked roleplay positions, to provide an immersive Star Trek experience.
Sha'tira / Sep 30, 2017 / OOC News

Star Trek Online will get a new fleet holding in Season 14: Emergence coming October 3rd. The fleet colony world will be accessible from the Dranuur System in the Antos Sector of the Alpha Quadrant and has a Lukari-Kentari theme.It is the first fl...

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We need to talk.

A lot of those fleet-wide RPs are awfully early. They're basically supper time on East coast, and I'm still at work for all of them since I'm in mountain time..
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Aaron Carver

General RecordsFull Name: Aaron Jochanan CarverSpecies: HumanDate of Birth: 7/12/2223Rank: CaptainDepartment: MedicalOccupation Specialty: Search and RescueAssignment: U.S.S. Aceso, Commanding OfficerAcademy RecordsName: Aaron CarverDate of Enroll...
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Oct. 27 - Regular Meeting

AGENDARegular Meeting | November 4, 2017Councilmembers@kpts4tv@Valery_Sida@Garris-Fraya@exde707@bentiller1. Call to Order2. Roll Call3. DISCUSSION: Potential creation of guidelines for RP event creation and a plan of action regarding RP events, "...
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SECOND READING: Changes to Section 4 - Characters

Following the meeting last night, I have made some changes to Section 4 of the rules regarding new characters. The new rules are written below, and again changes or additions are marked in red.[quote]2. Any major deviations from these rules, or an...
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Oct. 21 - Council Meeting Minutes

MINUTESRegular Meeting | October 21, 20171. Call to OrderThe meeting was called to order at 3:00pm PDT.2. Roll CallCouncilmembers @kpts4tv, @Valery_Sida, @Garris-Fraya, @exde707, and @bentiller were present at the beginning of the meeting.Members...
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O'Zaati's Recording Log

Fwd: 5th SOD Sciences Division, 5th SOD Command StaffMessage: Regarding batteries discovered at colonyFrom: Lynell O'ZaatiLynell O'Zaati Recording....The date is the 7th of Enyl - I'm sure there's a proper federation date for it, but I don't know ...
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Hanesh's logs

U.S.S. ShetlandCaptain's logs, stardate 94804.Colonization proves to be a time-intensive endeavor. Yet, we're working at maximum efficiency. The construction of the colony's framework has been completed as planned with a time delay of nine seconds...
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Halloween RP Event

Date: Oct 27, 2017
Time: 03:30 PM
Category: Special RP Event
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Defense Grid Report

Personal log. Stardate: 95407.6837. By the request of Captain Hanesh, the Liberty Omega has started to build a defense grid over the colony. It feels good to build something, even a defense grid, rather than destroy something. But more importantl...
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Thanks. I'll be back on after 2:15 p.m. Central Time.