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Welcome to the 5th Special Operations Division
5th Special Operations Division (5th SOD) is an exploration-oriented fleet located in unexplored space beyond the Zenas Expanse. After Starfleet discovered an Iconian gateway in this region and took note of the high density of M-class planets and interstellar phenomena, Somnium Station was built and the 5th SOD was reassigned there from their role in the now-concluded Klingon War. The 5th maintains an alliance with the Romulan Republic and has an embassy on New Romulus. The 9th Romulan Republic Talon is a small cohort of Romulan officers and ship captains that serve alongside the 5th SOD and their mission, but do not report to Starfleet.

As a fleet, 5th SOD focuses on roleplay and encourages unique characters that can be developed through active storylines. We welcome both first-time and experienced roleplayers. Our set-up makes it easy for players to have characters that are members of Starfleet, whether as ship captains or starbase personnel and of all career tracks, Romulan Republic officers, traders, or other civilians that would reasonably be found on a starbase. We are looking for mature players who want to roleplay in an atmosphere that is in keeping with Gene Roddenberry’s vision of Star Trek. Our fleet is organized into structured, ranked roleplay positions, to provide an immersive Star Trek experience.
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Danur / Dec 27, 2015 / Special Announcement

Hallo Fleet,I'm guessing you all got the mail from our new Bank manager. I would like to ask every one to consider the following, People are donating time and personal resources to provide us with equipment and other types of resources which can h...

Danur / Dec 20, 2015 / OOC News

while most changes are OOC limited changes will hit the IC aspect. The previous post about vacencies is now redundent though some places are avaliable and we will be looking for people to promote up. more infomation will hit the forum and ingame, ...

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Triana t'Kohhverel added a forum post

Triana t'Kohhverel

Updated the BOFF plates with their brief bios.
Triana t'Kohhverel added a forum post

Commander's Logs, Triana t'Kohhverel

Triana walked into the main medbay with a purpose. But she was immediately sidetracked, when Aerill caught her eye from one of the biobeds off to the side of the dimly lit room. The security officer was still recovering from the incident on the st...
Triana t'Kohhverel added a forum post


Could be interesting, if not just for the fact that we don't do a lot of cross-armada stuff.Either way, the temporal anomaly spit out Damien, so I got what I need from it, lol.
Danur added a forum post


hmm time stuff... i'll get back to you in time, fleet what do you all think?
Datlh`LaH added a forum thread


So I've been thinking about where to take the temporal anomaly Choxx is investigating and thought it might be a really cool chance to involve Cross-Faction RP on an epic level.My original though was that a series of extraordinarily unfortunate dis...
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Fleet Captain's Log - Eve Dresden

Engineering on the U.S.S. Wilde, Testing prototype Voth technologyHuffing out a breath, Eve nodded. An engineer officer padded the helmet and her HUD came on."Aw, Sweet," Eve turned around, giving a thumbs up. "Legs still feels odd, but the servos...
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Fleet Captain's Log - Eve Dresden

Door opens to a small quarters, with one comfy lounge chair a personal terminal and port windowEve tossed her jacket carelessly onto the chair, adding to the pile of discarded uniforms. Slowly she crumpled to the ground, banging her head lightly a...
Triana t'Kohhverel added a forum thread

Captain's Logs, Damien Locke

Captains’s Log, Stardate 93648At least this log gets to begin with a confirmed stardate, finally. Although if we ever get back to 2269, this is going to be the strangest date of any of my logs, ever.Scans were correct. That structure was in fact a...