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Welcome to the 5th Special Operations Division
5th Special Operations Division (SOD) was founded on stardate 90247.32 (or rather April 1, 2413) as a defence force. Stationed in the Eta Eridani sector block, this fleet was assigned to Starbase Trinity. Increasing hostilities with the Klingons have been the main concern of the Division. Additionally, it has been ordered to operate a diplomatic embassy on New Romulus in order to promote healthy relations with the recently devastated Romulan Empire.

This fleet has been around for some time in different incarnations. Recently we went through a reconstruction period, and are looking to expand and develop an RP atmosphere for true Trekkies. Over the course of our recruitment, we have established a solid RP foundation with numerous characters. Additionally, we have an organizational structure and specified roles within the fleet to truly integrate your RP experience into the fleet.

We request that people interested in the fleet look at our website in detail and put in an application, however we also will respond to applications and posts on the STO forum thread. We highly encourage anyone willing to taking more senior roles, however, we accept RPers of all levels.
by Trent on Mar 26, 2014 at 12:08 AM

Greetings, members of the 5th Special Operations Division. I am Vice Admiral Trent Bayliss. I am writing to you today, no longer as your executive officer, but as the new Commanding Officer of the Fleet, effective immediately.Vice Admiral Inara Ke... Read More

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Trevor Algani clambered out of the wreckage and pushed himself through a tear in the hull plating. He shined his flashlight through the dark and foreboding corridors that spanned and jutted in odd angles before him. His only other companion stayed...
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Distress Signal Detected

Report from Captain Alastair Graham, U.S.S Alfred: Captain's Log Supplemental:U.S.S Alfred, on patrol assignment from Starbase Somnium. Patroling sector 27/93320 subsector 02. Grid 200, bearing 144 mark 3, we detected an anomalous subspace signal....
1 day Trent added the poll What do you think of the new Season 9 content so far?
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Kili Danur

Name: Danur, KiliAge: Unknown, but young.Family: Unknown,( Very odd for a Caitian.) Except Mother and and Father. Mother is reported as deceased, Father believed to be alive on New Sydney.Place Of Birth: Unknown, She claims to be from New Sydney.T...
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Access Starfleet Personnel database: File ://LaSar//:Name: LaSarSpecies: Horatian/HumanAge: 61 standard yearsPlace of Birth: Martian ColoniesCurrent Rank: Vice Admiral*Current Vessel: S.S Bonn (Civilian class Risian Corvette with approved Starflee...
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The Returned

"Is she ready?... Then release control of the station and begin the operation" Blind, Eve staggered in a straight direction. Her eyes had fully adjusted but it was still pitch black. She found the wall by knocking her head into it, adding more to...
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The Returned

"It is time..." A machine hissed in the darkness. Colored buttons flare to life. Two yellow revolving lights lit the dark grimy room, revealing grate ceiling and floors, as well as numerous boxes with instruments on them. One of the boxes emitted...
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Official Foundry RP Locations

"Nara's Trade Post"Foundry ID ST-HFHHWCTAH"Nara's Trade Post KDF"Foundry ID ST-HNM7MBECT
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Nara's Trade Post (Foundry RP Map)

Just something I've been putting together, a plot point for one of my characters and hopefully a place that might base some RP. There are two versions of this map, one for each faction, since Nara is neutral. (Sorry... I can't let cross faction ...
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The Innumerable Faces of J

The Innumerable Faces of J(Characters of @kyrtmalthorn)It's high time to update my character roster. Being the lazy, crazy altoholic I am, I got way behind... So in the interest of giving everyone easy reference material (because I have a lot to...